Product Review: Nerf Cat Puzzle Treat Ball

Boris and I reviewed this Nerf Cat Puzzle Treat Ball. Overall it’s sturdy and easy to clean, but we felt it was a bit overpriced when compared to other products. – This toy provides exercise and mental stimulation for your kitty, just be careful not to overfeed them.

This Nerf Cat product is:

  • Made from durable plastic so it won’t be able to break
  • Able to control how much treats comes out from the feeder
  • Top rack dishwasher safe, makes cleaning easy

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Product Review: Twisty Treater

Boris and I reviewed the SmartyKat Twisty Treater. This video is not sponsored, and we are not linking to any affiliate programs. Boris is a SmartyKat Ambassador, however we bought this product on our own from Target. We are not receiving any sort of compensation for this review.