Road Trip: Lassen Volcanic National Park

This was Boris Katloff’s first road trip, and we drove from Portland, OR to Lassen Volcanic National Park. We stayed at the Mt. Lassen/Shingletown KOA for the bulk of the trip with a one night stay at the Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir, CA.

We don’t have a lot of footage of Boris, as this was his first trip, he was new to his leash, and the temperatures were in the 90’s when we were there. Overall we had a great trip. We are learning the ins and ours of having an adventure cat, such as eating, drinking, and using a litter box in a moving car.

This video features the song Last Stop by White Bat Audio:

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These are the products Boris Katloff used during this trip:

4000 Instagram Followers

January 27, 2022 marked another milestone when we reached 4000 Instagram followers. Meow! After rising quickly to 3000 followers, it has been a longer journey to the next milestone, however I feel we are building more of a community around our Spooky Sphynx. Thank you for being a fan and supporting Boris with your follows, likes and comments.

4000 Instagram Followers Milestone
4000 Instagram Followers Milestone