Product Review: The Sphynx Cat: The Bald & The Beautiful

The Sphynx Cat: The Bald & The Beautiful - Sphynx Cats Complete Owner's Manual

On my quest to further my knowledge about my new Sphynx, I purchased The Sphynx Cat: The Bald & Beautiful by Henry Hoverstone. I recommend this book if you do not know much about Sphynxes and you would like to learn more about their unique breed.

Overall the book is well written, organized, and full of information. There is great information for Sphynx health in the book, as well as symptoms of different conditions, which make it a handy reference to keep around. The book also includes helpful information on grooming and feeding Sphynxes. The author includes quite a bit of information on cat personalities which I found boring and interesting within the same paradoxical content. To me, the title of the book is a bit complicated…like perhaps the author was trying to squeeze the title, search engine keywords, and Instagram hashtags all into the same line.

I think the quality of the information about Sphynx’s is decent, however, I can see how opinions may vary on this topic if you are internet savvy. For myself, the facts in the book further cemented information I had already gathered watching Animal Planet shows, scouring google, and binging on YouTube. I felt that I knew most of the information in the book as I had already been doing my homework. Other than the cover, there are no photos in the book. Personally, I think future editions of this book should include photos of different Sphynx types and some of the common medical conditions they contract.

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