Boris Enters the NFT Age

We take a LOT of photos of Boris throughout the week, some are beautiful, some are meh, some just a blur. As we work to establish our kitty’s brand, we have started to experiment with the NFT marketplace. While many are rushing into this new trend to strike it rich, we felt it was important to begin creating NFT artwork with our Spooky Sphynx to establish his presence in the blockchain.

This will also be a fun challenge for us. While we have many plans for Boris content, some of these have been paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating NFTs allows us to make art for a platform that is uniquely different from selling shirts through a print-on-demand company, or developing content to drive affiliate sales. While it would be amazing to have a photo of Boris sitting under the lights in a museum, we also have set realistic expectations about sharing our kitty with the world.

Interested buyers can purchase Boris Katloff NFTs through Rarible, and OpenSea, . For a little bit of cryptocurrency, you can own a unique piece of artwork featuring this creepy kitty. Currently, our NFTs are 2880 x 2880 PNG images, although we will publish a few unique videos as well. Thank you for your support.

Boris Katloff NFTs
Boris Katloff NFTs now for sale on Rarible and OpenSea

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