New Status: SmartyKat Brand Ambassador

Boris is officially an Ambassador for SmartyKat products. Our relationship with SmartyKat started in October when Boris won first place for their Halloween photo contest. After this our interactions on social media increased and when they put out a call for ambassadors I went ahead and submitted an application. I was very humbled when they announced Boris was accepted into the program on February 18, 2022. We shared this on social media, but I forgot to mention it on our official site…silly me.

As an ambassador, our duties include:

  • ⁣Being a SmartyKat Super Fan⁣ (Like + follow SmartyKat)
  • Strong ability with a camera and lighting⁣
  • Willing to post their cat(s) having fun with SmartyKat products in exchange for toys and brand perks⁣
  • Playful sense of creativity and style!⁣

While I had always joked Boris would be a catfluencer, we were awarded the opportunity to actually make it happen. Because of our relationship with SmartKat, I am trying not to post that many reviews for their products because I feel there is a conflict of interest there, but I had already purchased some of their products for review, so those will be included in our future reviews.

We are very thankful and humble for this opportunity with SmartyKat and their parent company Worldwise, Inc.

SmartyKat Ambassador Search

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