Watch Party: The Return of the Living Dead

Halloween 2022 is speeding toward us already. We would like to take the opportunity to host a few watch parties on Twitch! You’ll need an Amazon Prime account as the movies are hosted through their service, and Twitch is an Amazon company. You can watch from your mobile device if you have the latest version of the Twitch app, or you can watch through a browser on your tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

Join Cat Dad & Boris this Friday for the 80’s cult classic The Return of the Living Dead! This is the first movie in history where the zombies said “Brains!” This movie is rated R and contains those things that typically make a horror movie rated R, such as nudity, violence, and gore. Viewer discretion is advised!

Watch Party - The Return of the Living Dead - Sept 23
Watch Party – The Return of the Living Dead – Sept 23

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