Product Review: Supet Cat Harness and Leash Set

The quality of this Supet cat harness is top-notch. It’s made of durable materials that are built to last, and the adjustable straps make it easy to fit my Sphynx cat comfortably and securely, whether or not he is wearing clothes. The harness also has a padded design, which ensures my cat’s comfort while wearing it. I can tell that this is a high-quality product that is designed with the safety and comfort of my cat in mind.

Product Review: Kotomoda Probiotic Shampoo for Sphynx Cats

If you are a hairless cat owner like me, you know how important it is to take care of your cat’s skin. Hairless cats are unique pets that require specialized care, and one of the most important aspects of their care is proper skin care. Without fur to protect their skin, hairless cats are more susceptible to skin issues such as dryness, flakiness, and irritation. This is where Kotomoda Sphynx Shampoo comes in – an excellent product that can help keep your cat’s skin healthy and clean.

Product Review: Uahpet Smart Pet Odor Deodorizer

Boris and I reviewed the Smart Pet Odor Deodorizer from Uahpet. I was VERY skeptical about this device, however after a week of testing there is a very noticeable decrease in our spooky Sphynx’s litter box odor. We were impressed with it’s thoughtful features and user friendly experience.

The Smart Pet Odor Deodorizer has the following features:

  • Removes 80-99% of odor molecules from the air.*
  • Reduces dust by 99.9%.
  • 100% cat friendly.
  • Automatically turns on and off when your cat approaches.
  • Features a USB rechargeable battery that lasts up 9 days on a single charge.*

* There are 2 different models available, performance depends on the model purchased, pick the one that’s best for you!

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